tMan is a tiny task manager.

Project discontinued.

What's New in 0.9.4

  • Added: Mapping of Close/Minimize/Show menu to Tap/Tap-and-hold/Gesture
  • Added: Soft-reset menu item (optional)
  • Added: Screen-off menu item (optional)
  • Added: Screen Rotation menu item (optional)
  • Added: Task List can be invoked by HW key
  • Major code changes
  • Major optimizations
  • Improved stability
  • A lot of bugfixes


tMan-0.9.4.exe - Executable file(95.4 KB) - Zipped CAB file(23.8 KB)


Installing Zipped CAB File

  • Before installing, make sure that your device meets system requirements.
  • Download and unzip tMan.
  • Upload appropriate cab file to your PocketPC.
  • Tap the cab file on your PocketPC.


  • Tap Start | Settings, select System tab and tap Remove programs.
  • Find tMan plugin in the program list.
  • Tap Remove.