Sun'n'Moon is a today plugin which shows the set and the rise of the Sun and of the Moon. It also shows the moon phase.

Project discontinued.

What's New in 1.2

  • ADD: Multiple locations
  • ADD: "Sun phases"
  • ADD: Multi-line mode
  • FIX: Fixed calculation of set/rise for time zones with half hours
  • ADD: Show icon option
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Downloading and Installing

System Requirements

Operating system:

  • PocketPC 2003/SE
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional


  • 200 MHz processor (ARM based).
  • 16 MB RAM.


Language Zipped CAB


Installing Zipped CAB File

  • Before installing, make sure that your device meets system requirements.
  • Download and unzip Sun'n'Moon.
  • Upload appropriate cab file to your PocketPC.
  • Tap the cab file on your PocketPC.


  • Tap Start | Settings, select System tab and tap Remove programs.
  • Find Sun'n'Moon in the program list.
  • Tap Remove.