pRSSreader is an application for reading RDF and RSS feeds on PocketPC.

Project discontinued.

What's New in 1.3.2

  • Added: Copy Feed Item URL to clipboard
  • Added: Context menu for Site Manager (Edit, Remove, Copy Feed URL)
  • Added: Summary View context menu (Mark All Read, Mark All Unread, Copy Feed URL)
  • Added: Search feeds in RSS directory (access via XML-RPC)
  • Added: Copy message text to clipboard
  • Added: Flag message
  • Added: When update finished with errors, message box displayed to notify user about that fact.
  • Added: Simple URL rewriting feature
  • Added: HTML optimizer (None, Skweezer, Custom)
  • Added: Option - Warn when moving to previous/next channel
  • Added: EUC-JP codepage
  • Added: Show flagged items
  • Added: Up/Down arrow moves to the previous/next message in sequential reading
  • Added: Buffered file reading/writing (higher performance in disk operations)
  • Added: Minimal interval between sync events (for cradling)
  • Added: Feeds are loaded in the background
  • Added: zlib for receiving content in gzipped format (needed for correct working of Skweezer)
  • Fixed: Space optimalization of menus
  • Fixed: Feed titles are searched for keywords
  • Fixed: Adding a site splitted into separate dialogs (accessible via menu)
  • Fixed: Follows system text settings on Today screen
  • Fixed: Update All did not work with pRSSreader running on the background
  • Fixed: Improved purging of feed item keys in registry (on start-up)
  • Fixed: Improved communication between today plug-in and main app
  • Fixed: Reduced CPU load in today plug-in (IPC synchro, loading only necessary files, periodical checks replaced with FS notifications)
  • Fixed: When site properties were changed (File | Properties), they were not saved.
  • Fixed: Better feed items hash keys registry handling
  • Fixed: When updating, changes are displayed after caching
  • Fixed: Updating procedure refactored
  • Fixed: Major code clean-ups
  • Fixed: Cache moving is done in thread
  • Fixed: When trying to set cache/enclosure folder to program files or windows dir -> user is alerted
  • Fixed: Possibility to move the cache content or not
  • Fixed: Hangup after cradling
  • Fixed: When 'Hide read items' was active, items were displayed after restarting the pRSSreader
  • Fixed: Flag/Unflag message is enabled/disabled according to the selection (main window context menu)
  • Fixed: Bad cells in the formatting table (image and 'cached' text were not aligned)
  • Fixed: Crash on generating playlists
  • Fixed: When caching enclosures, there was not a countdown for remaining items
  • Fixed: When enclosure caching is finished, feed items on the main windows are refresh to reflect result of caching
  • Fixed: Copy URL did not work in CNewsDlg
  • Fixed: When creating new folder in CMoveDirDlg and tapping enter, new folder was not used in destination path
  • Fixed: Update requests are queued when updating
  • Fixed: When moving empty dir -> crash
  • Fixed: .html extension was not added for files with dot (.) in the name
  • Fixed: If site was updated and main window was not foreground window, items were not refreshed
  • Fixed: After marking items read/unread/new/flagged/unflagged selection is removed
  • Fixed: Ugly memory leak

Downloading and Installing

System Requirements

Operating system:

  • PocketPC 2002
  • PocketPC 2003/SE
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional


  • 200 MHz processor (ARM based).
  • 16 MB RAM.


LanguageInstallationZipped CAB
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload
Portuguese (Brazilian)DownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload


Installing from Desktop

Desktop installation file will automatically install pRSSreader on your Pocket PC device using the ActiveSync.

  • Before installing, make sure that your device meets system requirements.
  • Download installation file to your desktop computer.
  • Run the downloaded file.
  • Follow installation instructions.

Installing from PocketPC

Device installation CAB will install pRSSreader on your Pocket PC device.

  • Before installing, make sure that your device meets system requirements.
  • Download Zipped CAB file and unzip it.
  • Upload appropriate CAB file to your PocketPC.
  • Run the CAB file on your PocketPC.


On your PocketPC:

  • Tap Start | Settings, select System tab and tap Remove programs.
  • Find pRSSreader in the program list.
  • Tap Remove.

Known Issues

  • When migrating from 1.2.0 version of pRSSreader, you have to uninstall the previous one. This is because of the name change in the instalation file. This change has to be made to allow pRSSreader install on Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) versions of Pocket PC.
  • On some devices, pRSSreader may cause that the boot screen of a device will be completely white. It is a problem of pRSSreader and will be fixed in 1.3.3.