pRSSreader is an application for reading RDF and RSS feeds on PocketPC.

Project discontinued.

What's New in 1.3.0

  • Fixed: MSXML replaced with libexpat
  • Fixed: Export all settings in OPML file
  • Added: Proxy support (HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5)
  • Added: Basic and Digest HTTP authentication
  • Added: Tapping a item on Today Screen opens it in pRSSreader (in cycling mode)
  • Added: Cache only new items
  • Added: Mark new as unread before update
  • Fixed: Left/right moves to previous/next new item did not work
  • Fixed: Today plugin improvements (context menu, icon displaying, GUI changes)
  • Added: Localizations to French, Dutch, Czech and Spanish
  • Added: Displaying author name of the feed item (if presents)
  • Fixed: Memory leak in update process
  • Fixed: Some code optimalizations
  • Added: Keywords
  • Fixed: Better support for RSS extensions (<content:encoded>, <author>, <description>)
  • Added: Cache Manager
  • Added: Enclosure indication on the main window
  • Fixed: Option 'Check for new items when handheld inserted into cradle' works as it is supposed.
  • Added: selectable User-Agent string
  • Added: Left/right buttons moves to the previous/next channel option
  • Added: Hide read items in Summary View
  • Added: Update from Summary View
  • Added: Open online message in main window context menu
  • Added: Color for message background
  • Fixed: Better font selection
  • Fixed: Some button moved to command bar (e.g. more WM5 friendly)
  • Fixed: Hanging of PDA after soft reset, caused by Today plugin (thanks to Zdenek Pergl for testing)
  • and a lot of minor bug fixes

Downloading and Installing

System Requirements

Operating system:

  • PocketPC 2002
  • PocketPC 2003/SE
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional


  • 200 MHz processor (ARM based).
  • 16 MB RAM.


LanguageInstallationZipped CAB
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload
VGA versionDownloadDownload


Installing from Desktop

Desktop installation file will automatically install pRSSreader on your Pocket PC device using the ActiveSync.

  • Before installing, make sure that your device meets system requirements.
  • Download installation file to your desktop computer.
  • Run the downloaded file.
  • Follow installation instructions.

Installing from PocketPC

Device installation CAB will install pRSSreader on your Pocket PC device.

  • Before installing, make sure that your device meets system requirements.
  • Download Zipped CAB file and unzip it.
  • Upload appropriate CAB file to your PocketPC.
  • Run the CAB file on your PocketPC.


On your PocketPC:

  • Tap Start | Settings, select System tab and tap Remove programs.
  • Find pRSSreader in the program list.
  • Tap Remove.

Known Issues

  • When migrating from 1.2.0 version of pRSSreader, you have to uninstall the previous one. This is because of the name change in the instalation file. This change has to be made to allow pRSSreader install on Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) versions of Pocket PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 'Check for new items when handheld inserted into cradle' is not working for me.

    You have to activate the Today plugin to have this feature working.

  2. Periodical updates are not working for me.

    pRSSreader periodically checks for new items only if it is running, e.g. it must run in the background.

  3. I want to use pRSSreader in my native language. Are there any localized versions?

    Yes, see downloads. If there is not a localized version suitable for you, check developers localization page and consider creating one.

  4. I want to help you with localization of pRSSreader. How can I do it?

    Join prssr-devel-ml and check developers localization page.

  5. My ISP requires special User-Agent string for the Internet access. How can I change it?

    • Tap Tools | Options, select Retrieval tab, change User-Agent string to Pocket IE.
    • If the above did not work for you then try:
      1. run registry editor,
      2. open HKCU\Software\DaProfik\pRSSreader key,
      3. change User Agent value to whatever you want.

  6. I need to send special HTTP headers with every HTTP request. How can I do it?

    1. run registry editor,
    2. open HKCU\Software\DaProfik\pRSSreader key,
    3. create Additional HTTP Headers value typed as Multiline String Value,
    4. Insert your special HTTP headers here.