pLamp is an application which emulates a flashlight.

Project discontinued.

What's New in 1.3

  • Added yellow color
  • Close button moved to the right top corner

Downloading and Installing


Operating system:

  • Pocket PC 2003
  • Pocket PC 2003 SE
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional


  • This tool should run on minimal hardware.

Downloading - Zipped binary(5.9 KB)


  • Before installing, make sure that your device meets system requirements.
  • Download and unzip pLamp.
  • Upload unzipped exe file to your PocketPC.


  • Find the pLamp.exe file.
  • Delete it.

How To Use

Everyday Use

Tap pLamp to start program, change the color by tapping on the color switch at the bottom of the screen, tap the X button at the top of the screen to exit.

Tap the shape at the left bottom corner to change the shape of flashlight.

Press the Action button (middle button on D-Pad) to blink.

Drag stylus vertically or horizontally to change the intensity of backlight.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable Real VGA support?

  1. Start a registry editor.
  2. Open HKLM\Software\pLamp key.
  3. Set the RealVGA value to 1 (if the key does not exists, create it).