Batti is a small application which shows you remaining power of your battery.

Project discontinued.

Localization Files

Chinese (Traditional) Thomas Ho Download2.1
Croatian Danijel Perkovic Download2.1
Czech David Andr¹ Download2.2
Dutch Henk Heijligers Download2.1
English David Andr¹ Download2.2
French Francois Download2.1
German Thomas Hess Download2.1
Hebrew Alvam Zaltzmen Download2.1
Hungarian Rįcz Robin Download2.0
Italian Bigix Download2.1
Macedonian Marijančo Galevski Download2.1
Norwegian Svein Langmyren Download2.1
Polish Jakub Kańczugowski Download2.1
Portuguese Jślio Biscaia Download2.1
Russian Paul_TC Download2.1
Slovak Michal Prilepok Download2.1
Spanish Adrian Baigorri, Nacho Urenda Download2.1
Swedish Jerry Nybom Download2.1
Thai Natchayapong Sriswangsuk Download1.4.1
Turkish Fikret Sadak Download2.1
Ukrainian Undsoft Download2.1

How to use localization file

Follow these steps to localize Batti on your Pocket PC.

  1. Localization file works from version 1.3 of Batti.
  2. Download the file with the language you want from table above to your desktop PC.
  3. Unzip this file (the archive contains one file with the same name as the selected language, for example czech.lng).
  4. Rename the unzipped file to default.lng.
  5. Upload default.lng file to your Pocket PC to the directory where you have installed the Batti (the default is \Program Files\Batti\.

Localization mini-guide

This mini-guide helps you to localize Batti.

  1. Download english.lng to your desktop PC.
  2. Change the name of this file to language into which you will translate.
  3. Open the file in your favorite editor (for example Notepad).
  4. Translate every line (do not change the numbers).
  5. Save this file as Unicode text, not UTF-8 (Notepad from Windows 2000 and later has this ability).
  6. Send the translated file to me.
    • It is important to send the file as an attachment to avoid mail delivery problems.
    • Also it is useful to fill in the Subject field with something meaningful - good subject is for example Czech localization for Batti.